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Boy Scout Troop 288
(La Crescenta, California)
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Eagle Scout is the highest rank in the Boy Scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America.  Since its introduction in 1911, the Eagle Scout rank has been earned by more than two million young men. Becoming an Eagle Scout is no small achievement.  The "Trail to Eagle" is one of persistence, dedication, well-rounded learning experiences by earning 21+ merit badges, active attendance at meetings, outings and camping trips, performing community service, and includes the planning. leading, and managing of an "Eagle Project" before his 18th birthday.  Requirements include earning at least 21 merit badges and demonstrating Scout Spirit through the Boy Scout Oath and Law, service, and leadership.  "Eagle Scout" stands out on a college application or job resume, and is certainly a proud accomplishment to cherish forever!  

Congratulations to Troop 288 Eagle Scouts!

Adam Aranovsky 1/25/18
Alex Hofhine 2/22/18
Solomon Kim 2/22/18
Ricky Phagoo 3/22/18
Ayden Blackwood 5/25/18
Dan Ferber 5/25/18
Duncan Smythe 6/28/18
Shrey Mehta 6/28/18
Jonathan Hur       12/20/18
Henry Torres       12/20/18
Kevin Bradford.     12/20/18

Hall of Eagles - American Legion Post 288
2017     Ian Galloway 1/26/17, Anders Johnson 1/26/17, Robbie Newgard 1/26/17, Matt Bomar 2/23/17, Donovan Ynda 2/23/17, Matthew Ynda 2/23/17, Ethan Gabon 4/27/17, Amos Ahn 4/27/17
    Kevin Faeustle 5/25/17, Lucas Martos Repath 5/25/17, David Frost 6/22/17, Jason Hur 7/27/17, Jacob Lee 8/24/17, Troy Leef 9/28/17, Garrett Butterworth 10/26/17
2016            Harry Smythe 2/25/16, Andrew Pingry 6/23/16, Charles Pingry 6/23/16, Justin Kim 7/28/16, Keilah Domenico 8/25/16, Ethan Gates 10/27/16, Jack Kilgore 10/27/16, DJ Lee 11/17/16 
William Turner 2/28/15, Justin Sparks 5/28/15, Zerxes Bhada 9/24/15          
2014            Kyle I. 1/23, Rhys T. 7/31, David H. 8/28, Collin K. 9/25, Nolan M. 9/25, Alexander D. 9/25, Braden Y. 12/4           
            Nicholas P. 2/28, Zachary B. 5/23, Mark W. 5/23, Kevin B. 10/24, Daniel M. 10/24, Liam W. 10/24, Chris T. 12/19 
2012            Kevin H. 8/23, Tanner H. 8/31, Easun A. 9/27, Lucan M. 12/13
2011            Joshua A. 1/20, Matt C. 2/24, Darius B. 5/26, Elijah M. 6/23, Saikiran R. 9/22
2010            Adam F. 3/25, Varun B. 5/27, Quentin L. 8/24, Nicholas N. 11/15, Dustin P. 12/16
2009            Erik L. 3/26, Dexter T. 3/26, Timothy M. 7/23, Sean Z. 8/27, Joshua S. 10/22
2008            Raffi D. 4/24, Scott N. 5/27, Matthew A. 8/28, Alexander F. 8/28, Charlson S. 9/25, Eli W. 9/25, Christopher R. 2/28                        
2007            Jonathan P. 1/25, Eric H. 1/25, Patrick S. 8/23, Thomas C. 9/28, Martin H. 10/24
2006            Harish V. 1/27, Courtney K. 3/23, Vartan D. 10/26 
2005            Hunter K. 5/26, Luke W. 5/26, James F. 6/23, Elliott A. 9/22, Jeffrey H. 10/27, Benjamin T. 11/17 
2004            Haig D. 1/22, Theodore G. 7/22, Matthew K. 8/3, Andrew C. 9/23, William V. 12/16  
2003            Kristopher S. 9/25, Sandeep M. 9/25
2002            Sean G. 6/27, Matthew H. 10/24, Spencer K. 10/24
2001            William S. 11/15               
Eagle Scout Process
Once a Scout has earned the rank of Life Scout, he is eligible to begin the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project process.  
Follow this link to see the steps and the sequence he should follow: Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Process

Link to Eagle Scout Resources on the Verdugo Hills Council website.

Link to Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook Procedures on the BSA website.  You will find a template for PC users, and MAC users.

Dozens of universities, BSA local councils, and religious, civic, and military organizations offer college scholarships to Eagle Scouts. Some scholarships are needs-based; others are merit-based. Some go to every Eagle Scout applicant; others are highly competitive.  The National Eagle Scout Association website has helpful information regarding scholarships, follow this link.    

National Eagle Scout Association (NESA)
A fellowship of men who have achieved the Eagle Scout rank and who desire to use their efforts and influence toward forming the kind of young men America needs for leadership. The objective of NESA is "to serve Eagle Scout and, through them, the entire movement of Scouting."  Visit the official NESA Web site.

U.S. Army Certificate of Recognition
Scouts who achieve the rank of Eagle are entitled to receive this award at their Court of Honor ceremony.  Link