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Boy Scout Troop 54
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Troop 54 Welcomes All!!!

Welcome to Troop 54


On behalf of the scouts, parents, and volunteers of Boy Scout Troop 54, we would like to formally welcome you to our website.  We are located in Novi, MI and are affiliated with the Ottawa District of the Great Lakes Field Service Council BSA Organization.

There are two environments within this site: a PUBLIC SITE which is available to everyone and a PRIVATE SITE which can only be accessed when granted permission. All parents and scouts within the troop will be given access to the PRIVATE SITE. We will store general information in the PUBLIC SITE and photos and events on the PRIVATE SITE.

 To access the PRIVATE SITE, sign in using the MEMBER LOGIN link on the horizontal menu.

Scoutmasters Minute

Time for Adventure!

Scouting helped shape the person I am today.  I spent about 4 years in Boy Scouts from 6th grade (1984) through 10th grade (1988) which included some of the best times I had as a youth.  Many of my Boy Scout adventures included:

  • Camping
  • Summer Camps
  • Merit Badges
  • Cooking
  • Hiking
  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Friendship

Now a father with 2 boys, I want to provide them with the opportunity I had as a youth.  Boy Scouts allows young men to engage in nature, lead their peers, experience and partake in many different learning opportunities outside of school and organized sports.   I, along with several other leaders of Troop 54, now get the privilege of guiding all of our young men through the various adventures Scouting has to offer.   

I invite you to check out what Troop 54 has to offer.  Some of our upcoming adventures include:


  • Mario Bros. Camporee at Stoney Creek (Sept.)
  • Chief Pontiac Trail Canoeing (sept.)
  • Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant Camporee (Oct.)
  • Webelo Recruiting Camp at D Bar A (Nov.)
  • Video Game Campout at EMU (Dec.)
  • Summer Camp at Cole Canoe Base (June - different camp each year)

Antonio (Tony) Dimattia
Scoutmaster, Troop 54
Novi, Michigan

100 Years of Scouting



In February of 2010, the Boy Scouts of America turned 100 years old. One hundred years of influencing young men to be exceptional community citizens of character with moral values and physical fitness. There is not another single youth organization on the planet that is more positively influential than the scouting movement. Your son, by joining the Boy Scouts, is embarking on a nearly seven year journey that will change him and shape him into a responsible young man who will have more leadership experience than most of his non-scouting peers will have in their lifetime.

Scouting has survived as long as it has by holding firmly to the values and commitments that the program is built on. The program hasn’t changed much during those one hundred years. We do not give out ribbons to those who do not earn them and we do not guarantee that each young man who joins our program will eventually become an Eagle Scout. In fact, statistics are that only one in one hundred scouts who join will attain the distinguished rank of Eagle Scout. However, I can promise you that Troop 54 will do everything within our capability to encourage and support the trail to Eagle for each scout.